Your Summer Begins Today

Your Summer Begins Today

Our wonderful MyHealthStyle Coach Wendy wanted to share some thoughts on the summer solstice…

When most people picture summer time, visions of BBQs, campfires, and family vacations are usually what come to mind. Kids become giddy with thoughts of no more school books and sleeping in. Water balloon fights and swimming pools become favored activities. Adults tend to gardens and read books in the shade while they sip sun tea and complain about how much hotter it is outside

then it was last year. Through the changes of the season, in the midst of all these leisurely activities, there is one very special holiday that is almost all but forgotten, that is the Summer Solstice.

Known for its claim to fame as being the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice is actually so much more than just a long row of daylight hours connected together. Also referred to as Midsummer, the Summer Solstice has a long history of ancient traditions and rituals honoring the sun for being light giver and energy creator. Without the sun’s warmth shining down on us, we would simply cease to exist. Ancient traditions would honor this fact through lengthy preparations for ritualistic song and dance, that would last for many days and nights.

The sun should be, and throughout time has been, celebrated for the life-giving force that it is. There have been thousands of ancient sites created to celebrate and worship the abundance the sun brings to us, in our daily lives. From the food we eat, grown in the fertile grounds, to the solar energy that runs much of the technology in the world today, thanks is given to the sun for being the ultimate provider, while asking nothing of us in return.

So, on this Summer Solstice, as you sip your sun tea in the shade, take this moment to feel the sun’s warmth radiating down on your loved ones. Feel the energy that flows from your home out into your community. Take this moment to be truly thankful to the sun for being the powerful creator that it is. It does not need to be a long drawn out ritual and no one even needs to know that, in this moment, you are honoring the sun. Always remember, energy flows to where your thoughts go. What better way to bring about abundance and blessings into your life than to take this moment to be thankful.

Wishing you and your loved a safe, happy, and blessed Summer Solstice.

Wendy Hill, INHC


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