Mindfulness Monday

Mindfulness Monday


Taking care of your mental state is just as important as your physical state. As we close on 2016 and enter a new year we have a human cultural desire to define a tangible goal, or goals, to accomplish. We want to stick a label on it and declare to our surroundings our new or renewed commitments. This natural phenomenon is one of the reasons gym memberships soar and diet products sales dramatically increase the New Year. Our coaches at MyHealthStyleApp.com are preparing for increases in members too, as a result of this resolution clock, and we are doing some specific training in mindfulness.


Because we want long-term success for you. In three months when the gym memberships drop off and attendance to weight watcher’s meetings fall, we will be with you replacing old habits with new ones. Why does mindfulness matter? Because taking care of your mental and spiritual state is as important as your physical one. They go hand in hand. As do sleep and stress. But let’s stick with mindfulness today, because its Monday.

Learn Calmness: Mindfulness practices and principles serve as a reliable path to a state of calmness. Taking time-outs or “sacred pauses” throughout the day enables us to moderate the level of stress we are experiencing. It also gives us a pause to acknowledge what we are doing and why?

Learn Compassion: Yes, this is the season to give gifts and coin to bell ringers. However, we believe compassion starts with you, as in compassion for yourself. I feel safe saying that all our coaches have discovered that our member’s fiercest critic is themselves. It is ok to love and understand yourself.

Learn Clarity: Your wise inner voice (that you share with loved ones) can’t be heard very well if you’re constantly in motion. Remember the last time you gave into an impulse to call someone, fire off an email or say something while you were upset? Unskillful behavior leads to unskillful results. Practicing mindfulness causes a literal shift in the brain and nervous system which then creates space between stimulus and response. We move from habitual, reactionary patterns to skillful responding, and this is where our power lies.

Learn Choice: In this moment, in this very moment, we have the power to choose. You can alter relationships, a way of thinking about yourself, or an unhealthy habit. You can choose to release something that is no longer serving you. And when you learn that you have choice, you feel power and freedom swell within you.

This seems like a lot of holistic, outer space, mindful something mumbo jumbo. But you are an emulsion of mind and body, it doesn’t separate like oil and water. If you want to make any changes you must consider and respect both. Your team of MyHealthStyle coaches await to guide you.


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