The State Of Obesity

The State Of Obesity

New approach brings private office to mobile phones


“This year’s State of Obesity report is an urgent call to action for government, industry, healthcare, foundations, schools, child care and families around the country to redouble efforts to provide a brighter, healthier future for our children.”

Released September 2016, the report shows that adult obesity rates dropped in four states, increased in two states and remained the same for the rest. Yet obesity and its related complications, like diabetes, continue to cost Americans approximately $1,400 a year in extra out of pocket expenses, according to the CDC.  While the cost of obesity appears to land as the responsibility of the individual, new reports are pointing to economic implications including reduced productivity, wider gender and income inequality, and fuel costs.

“Every tiny bit of news is good news. The belief that people can lead happier, healthier and less costly (healthcare) lives is part of our foundation. Education, policy, advocacy are all important components for reaching the mass population, but we believe that the “individual” is missing in the equation and that is our approach.” – CEO Alexandra Reid, MyHealthStyle Inc.

Now the human to human factor is being recognized by MyHealthStyle Inc. who have launched their beta version of MyHealthStyleApp. With the very positive findings from their pilot program via texting completed earlier this year, the creators have taken the next step in hiring credentialed coaches while building their Web platform.

The Web app at its core connects a member with a team of Health Coaches, called HealthStyle Coaches. The member has a Lead Coach that communicates with them daily, while two Team Coaches communicate with the member each twice a week on specific goals. This very real approach guides a member with consistency, accountability, understanding and rapport.

“As a corporate Health Coach at an Industrial plant I would see a client once every six weeks or so. It would break my heart when they would say they utilized my suggestions only right before they saw me. Out of sight, out of mind. I wanted to be their support every day, not just once every six weeks.” – Leslie Byrne, FNP

Designed to specifically look and feel like familiar texting, the MyHealthStyle will continue to add features to the beta product, like instant recipe and instant motivation.

HealthStyle coaches use proven behavioral modification techniques with members to influence long-term change for success, all the while communicating with them in a convenient fashion.

The MyHealthStyle team is also currently working on a behavior measurement tool to assist and educate both the coaches and members on where exactly they fall in changing a singular behavior/habit, for example reducing excess processed sugar.

“We are not a fad diet or a quick fix. We want our members for six months or more. We want to be your best friend on your phone that happens to send you a message at the right time when you need it.” – Alexandra Reid

Finally, MyHealthStyle plan for a native iOs development that will go beyond what they can accomplish on a web platform and will include features that help members get involved with their communities, geo-tagging, for example of farmer’s markets or a cooking class. Social circles will help members communicate with other members for peer-to-peer support and interactive contests to keep members motivated.




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