Read More, Live Longer

Read More, Live Longer

Here’s a little news to brighten up your Labor Day weekend.

Researchers say reading may increase lifespan

Study authors found that those who reported reading books for up to three and a half hours each week were 17 percent less likely to die over the 12-year follow-up period, while those who spent more than three and a half hours reading each week were 23 percent less likely to die.

Overall, researchers reported that adults who read books survived almost two years longer than nonreaders, Medical News Today reported. The study’s results stayed the same when researchers considered various life and health factors.

Okay, so don’t give up eating healthy or exercising but taking a little time to read that book is also a good for you idea.

Enjoy your long weekend. Happy Labor Day!


One thought on “Read More, Live Longer

  1. I wonder if they aren’t as stressed, or if its because they actually take time for themselves? There are so many studies telling us not to sit… so interesting! Good information. I found you on reddit 🙂


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