Lose Some Weight, They Said.

Lose Some Weight, They Said.

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You are at the doctor’s office and she tells you to lose some weight. Maybe, just maybe she hands you a lousy sheet of paper with a list of useless generic advice like cut calories and park farther away from the store so you walk more. Thanks a bunch doc.

As if that isn’t stressful enough, the old “you would look so much prettier/be so much healthier if you just lost….” ARGH! Not Helping!

Well, we at MyHealthStyle want to help. And while there is no magic bullet to make weight loss easy.  (We’ve looked. Oh how we’ve looked.) There are many, actually helpful, guidelines that you can follow which will get you started.

And by started we don’t mean on a diet. We mean on developing the whole new HealthStyle, a holistic approach to living that will help you become a happier, healthier you. And on the way, lose some weight.

These guidelines have been culled from the following; here, here, here, here, here, and here, if you want to read the articles in full.

Do What Works For You

Just because one diet worked for Suzy doesn’t mean it will work for Jane. If you get results from eating more protein, then go lo-carb. If not, then do a straight up calorie count diet. Just make sure you get all your vitamins and drink water.

Everything in Moderation

Whatever does work for you, do it in moderation. You are building a new HealthStyle here. One that should last your whole life. Deprivation should NOT be part of your life. So live a little. Celebrate the holidays and birthdays and have a cheat day once in a while. Just don’t over do it. And more importantly, when you do slip up, do not beat yourself up. It’s okay. Hop on that wagon and giddy-up.


Easier said than done. But there are ways. Taking deep breaths. Yoga and mediation. And also making certain you have BMOC in your diet (B-Vitamins, Magnesium, Omega-3, and Vitamin C) which can help reduce anxiety, mood swings, and act as a natural muscle relaxant.

Sleep Well

Lights out at a reasonable hour. No eating after 8pm. Cut back on coffee/tea/sugary drinks after 3pm. Exercise regularly. All these habits contribute to better sleep habits. And better sleep habits will help your body repair itself and, believe it or not, help you lose weight.

Drink Water (First)

Not only does drinking water help your body’s digestion, it can also help you determine if you are truly hungry or not. Before reaching for that snack, drink a glass of water or two. Sometimes our brains misfire signals and we frequently misinterpret thirst for hunger. By drinking a glass of water, we can save ourselves needless calories. Plus, if it turns out you really were hungry, you already have a glass of water in your belly taking up space so you will eat less.

Mindful Eating

Set goals, such as I want to eat at least two meatless meals a week. Or I am going to try three different proteins this week – shrimp, pork tenderloin, and lentils.

Eat slowly. Put your fork down between each bite. Sip water between each bite. Pay attention to each flavor in the bite of food in your mouth. Savor your food.

Take your time and eat with others whenever possible. If you have a lunch hour at work, try to eat your lunch in that hour.

Nothing is off-limits but keep your portions small. If you feel like each bite is tasting the same, stop eating and save the food for another meal.

Be aware of your stomach. By slowing down your eating pace, you can start to focus on the signals your belly is sending you. Once you are satiated but not full, stop eating. By the time, your stomach has sent a signal to your brain that it is satiated, it is actually full. If you stop then, you won’t get that carb-coma stuffed feeling.

Eating Awareness. Are you eating because you are bored? Sad? Stressed. Before you reach for food and after you’ve drunk that glass of water, take a quick mental scan of your emotional state. Are you standing in front of the fridge because you are hungry or sad? Is it actually dinner time or are you bored? Perhaps an activity might be a better choice. Even a quick walk around the block has been shown to reduce stress, uplift spirits, and boost metabolism. Consider hobbies that use both your hands like knitting or gardening. Even simply putting out a bowl of apples and asking yourself “do you want an apple?” If you aren’t hungry enough for an apple, then you aren’t hungry enough for anything else.

Avoiding Processed Foods

In short, you can’t unless you only eat whole raw ingredients. And gnawing on a whole raw cow doesn’t sound like fun either.

Technically, all foods have been modified from their natural state and can be called processed so claiming you are avoiding them is silly. As soon as you slice that apple or pasteurize that milk, you’ve got processed food.

But that’s okay. Here are some basic guidelines on what to avoid. By dropping these more highly processed foods from your diet, you will improve your HealthStyle and your diet.

Foods high in sugar, salt, and/or fat

Foods that put you in a “carb coma” (general sugar/carbs)

And “addictive” foods (you know what they are – sugary, salty, and/or fatty)

Consider Getting Support

Obviously, we want you to do what’s best for you. But at MyHealthStyle Inc., we honestly believe that having the support of three credentialed health coaches can make the difference between frustration and success.

Imagine what you could accomplish with three MyHealthStyle Health Coaches cheering you on, supporting you. Every step of the way. Every day. Giving you guidance, reassurance, and education.

And always within reach of your phone.

Right now, the MyHealthStyle app is yours for the introductory price of $10 a week for your first four weeks and $23 a week after. Or even less per week, depending on your length of membership!

Get the Power of Positive Coaching.

Visit www.myhealthstyleapp.com for more information or to sign up today.






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