Why Exercise?

Why Exercise?

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Hooray, Everybody Exercise!  Ugh!

Why? Why do we have to exercise?

Well, besides the fact that modern society means we do not work our bodies like we used to even 50 years ago. It’s good for many different parts of our bodies from our muscles to our brains to our skin.

You know the obvious like burning belly fat, but did you know regular exercise can reverse skin aging?

Or that you can actually increase your brain function with a solid aerobic workout?

But how do you know if you got a good workout?

1. Your heart rate says so.

2. You feel stronger immediately.

3. You recover from intense intervals quickly.

4. You felt challenged in new ways.

5. You get better zzzs.

6. You’re more focused the rest of the day.

All those sound great but getting started is hard. How do you get motivated? Here are some tips including writing a workout schedule, giving yourself six weeks to get into the workout habit, don’t overdo it, and more.

Another way to help you get motivated into working out is by having three credentialed MyHealthStyle coaches giving you encouragement and guidance every step of the way.

For more information, visit www.myhealthstyleapp.com and see for yourself.







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