5 Houseplants That Will Clean Your Home’s Air

5 Houseplants That Will Clean Your Home’s Air

Hello, it’s Coach Sue.  I was reading a great article and wanted to share it with all of you.  It’s about house plants that clean our indoor air and remove dust, mold and  other pollutants that are released in our homes. Some of them we never even think of especially since we can’t really see these things except a build up of dust.  Who doesn’t have a dust bunny around somewhere?  They just grow out of thin air I think!

So check out this informative article on 5 specific plants to clean the air you breathe in your home.  I’m sure there are many more and depending on where you live, climate etc, you may find many other types as well.  I do love that some of these thrive whether you have a “black thumb” like me or not.  Sometimes I just send love and I swear my plant grows and I’m not the best plant care giver.  People yes, but I do forget to water them.  They like me nonetheless and feel the love I send.  That’s helpful in just about any area of our lives.  Put love when you cook too.  Your food will taste that much better!


Here’s the link.  Give a shout out if you have any plants that work well for you and may inspire others to try one of those.  I always have aloe as I just can’t kill that plant.  Go for it.  So many healing properties too!   http://sevennutrition.com/digital/5-houseplants-that-will-clean-your-homes-air/

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