Habits for Life

Habits for Life

One of the things we constantly stress at MyHealthStyle is that we want you to have a happier, healthier life.

That doesn’t mean being super model thin or able to run a marathon. That means what YOU need it to be. We work with you to help you reach your healthy goals.

That said, there are some habits that help you reach your goals and as importantly keep them.

Build a Better You, One Habit at a Time

From this guest blog post over at Greatist comes some excellent advice:

Here are a few examples:

  • Start small. First, when it comes to making any kind of lifestyle change, it’s best to start small and build. Begin by choosing one practice to follow. It could be drinking 8 cups of water each day. Sleeping 8 hours each night. Or exercise 30 minutes each day. Just be sure to choose only one and follow it for 2 weeks before adding any new habits.
  • Make things clear and measurable. Next, make sure the practice is clear and measurable. “Eat more veggies” isn’t that useful. “Eat 1 fist-sized portion of vegetables with each meal” is much better. At the end of each day you can know for sure if you did it or not.
  • Gain confidence first. Finally, make the practice something you (or your client) feels confident they can do every day. Even if the habit sounds small, if it’s not something that inspires confidence, it’s not a great practice to begin with.

One recommended practice could be “Eat five fist-sized servings of vegetables each day.” This practice is clear and easy to measure. Either you ate your five servings (or more) or you didn’t.

Frankly, it is the sort of advice our MyHealthStyle coaches give all the time. However, when you have the MyHealthStyle app, you can get this advice and more every day.

Not just on a blog post.

If this seems like a helpful tip, imagine what you could accomplish with three MyHealthStyle Health Coaches cheering you on, supporting you. Every step of the way. Every day. Giving you guidance, reassurance, and education.

And always within reach of your phone.

Right now, the MyHealthStyle app is yours for the introductory price of $10 a week for your first four weeks and $23 a week after.

Get the Power of Positive Coaching today. Visit www.myhealthstyleapp.com.




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