On The Fence About Eggs?

On The Fence About Eggs?

Hello!  It’s Coach Sue from MyHealthStyle.   Lots of folks still don’t know whether to eat eggs, egg whites, egg substitutes, or not at all.  Here’s the “sunny side scoop” to eggs and you can make your decision based on your own health, cholesterol and changes you may want to make.  Remember:  Everything in moderation works well.

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For me personally, eggs are a staple since I don’t eat meat and I only buy very good quality eggs since they’re so important to my diet. What that means is they are pasture-raised, certified organic and cage free.  Those are a lot of words to look for and take in their meaning.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • “Pasture-raised” on the carton basically means the hens had access to natural food sources in addition to some feed.
  • Certified organic means they came from hens raised outside of cages, allowing outdoor access (though may not be pasture) and provided organically grown feed containing no conventional pesticides, animal byproducts (ie: slaughterhouse waste, or GMO’s).  No antibiotics are given.
  • Cage-free or another name you may see is “Free-range” means that the chickens are likely not as free as you think.  There is no legal definition so it’s a gamble and how reliable your source is from where the eggs on that farm came from.   There are some very serious “harsh” practices such as debeaking and forced molting.  These hurt the hens and use these tricks to increase egg production rates.  It’s very inhumane so again I can’t stress enough – KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD COMES FROM!  If you can, that’s the best way to eat anything you buy such as your meats, chicken, fish etc.  That’s another topic but very important to your health.

The benefit of having pasture raised eggs vs. conventional eggs are that those hens produce nutrient dense eggs with higher levels of essential nutrients.   According to Dr. Wendy Brazilian, DrPH, RD, coauthor of Eat Clean, Stay Lean, “Eggs are a good source of protein, with yolks providing important nutrients like lecithin, choline, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.”  Let’s not forget they’re a great source for omega-3’s and antioxidants.  According to the 2015 American Journal  of Clinical Nutrition study, it revealed that regularly eating eggs can improve blood – sugar control and reduce inflammation.

The bottom line is they may cost you more money than the average dozen eggs and that’s most likely based on the cost of raising the hens.  Dr. Brazilian notes that they are still a less expensive protein source than conventionally grown meat.  Look for that informational topic next.

One fun fact which I just learned as well is:  Choosing a brown or white egg is nutritionally indistinguishable.  For some reason, I love the brown eggs!  Go figure.  You can make so many amazing recipes with eggs and they aren’t just for breakfast anymore as we hear on commercials.  I literally could eat them for every meal in one form or another.   Check out your local farms in your area for the freshest and most wonderful tasting eggs, not to mention those yolks will be the vibrant color of the sun. (choline – great for your brain) Let me know what you find.  Or do a taste and visual check  from your local farmer to a conventional dozen at your grocery store.  You will be so impressed with the difference.

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