Danger! Cake In The Break Room!

Danger! Cake In The Break Room!

Many a diet plan has been destroyed by cake in the break room.

That scourge of the office. That curse of the cubicle.

Office Snacks.

You are cruising along on your diet, feeling virtuous with a delicious salad you made from one of the many recipes posted on the MyHealthStyle Facebook page (here), when some benighted soul announces some treat in the break room and temptation looms.

There is a solution. And it is called H2O.

According to this article, Avoiding the high calorie office snacks, “a recent study in the journal Food, Culture & Society: An International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research reveals water to be the main redeemer of ‘negative nutrition’ in the workplace.”

Basically, drink water and the urge to indulge will fade. Keeping you on track with your diet and avoiding unhealthy treats.

If you found this article helpful, imagine what you could accomplish with three MyHealthStyle Health Coaches cheering you on, supporting you. Every step of the way. Every day. Giving you guidance, reassurance, and education.

And always within reach of your phone.

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