It’s Time To Fatten Up

It’s Time To Fatten Up

Your diet that is.

You see, years of dietary advice saying low fat, low fat, low fat was, apparently wrong, wrong, wrong.

That’s not to say run out and eat a stick of butter but it does mean you can safely add a certain amount of healthy fat into your diet and still see weight loss!

The reason is that fat satisfies. Take it out of food, and you’ll find yourself craving more calories than you need. Put it back in moderation, and you may discover you eat less and feel a lot better. So, since not all fats are created equal, which should you eat? Check out our top six fatty foods you should eat without guilt.



But before you run off to Roast-Beef-R-Us, there are several things you should know to make good choices and smart decisions about choosing the right fats for your diet.

Choosing Healthy Fats Good Fats, Bad Fats, and the Power of Omega-3s This article extensively details and explains fat. Why monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat are better for you than trans fats. That saturated fats may not be all bad after all. And why Omega-3 are kinda cool.

Choosing Healthy Fats offers important side notes like up to one-third of fish in America are mislabeled, so either buy whole or go to a reputable fish monger to purchase your fish. They also list the fish most likely to be faked (“cod, grouper, red snapper, and wild salmon”).

Best of all, it is jam-packed with tips and ends with a solid list of source documents from reputable organizations so you can continue to educate yourself.

Finally, we started with six foods and we are gonna end with 20 that are recommended by professionals specifically for weight loss from Eat This, Not That.


Hey, if Nutrition Journal says grass-fed beef is okay to eat, why argue?

That said, as always, all things in moderation.

The point about full-fat foods for weight loss is, again, they carry more nutrition than the artificially lowered fat versions and it takes a smaller amount to fill you up and keep you feeling full up for longer.

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