Shopping Guide For A Healthier You

Shopping Guide For A Healthier You

Food Collage

Making shopping decisions can be tough. Maybe you’ve worked hard all day and you are racing through the grocery store just to get home for dinner. The temptation to grab pre-made, processed food is overwhelming.

Or you are just so hungry. So you think you’ll hit the hot food bar or the “virtuous” salad bar but somehow you always end up paying too much for food that isn’t really as satisfying or as good for you as it should be.

Don’t beat yourself up. It happens to us all. Don’t believe me? If it didn’t happen, then why did WebMD create this convenient Healthy Grocery Shopping List for people to download and print?

It’s a great list. Especially how it is divided not into Veggies, Grains, Protein but into sections such as Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Helpers, Antioxidant Rich, High Fiber, and more. There is even a side bar explaining why these categories are important.

The two problems with this list is it promotes organic food which regardless of how your individual views, which we respect, MyHealthStyle tries to avoid as we are sensitive to the higher price points of organic foods.  We believe if you can afford it, that is wonderful but we can not in good conscience insist our clients go beyond their budget needlessly.

The second concern is this list contains only fish and plant-based proteins. Adding lean proteins such as chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, and lean cuts of beef is perfectly acceptable and, indeed, highly recommended.

We here at MyHealthStyle offer this link to WebMD’s Healthy Grocery Shopping List and our advice as part of our MyHealthStyle program which included the MyHealthStyle app.

The MyHealthStyle app is a unique and innovative subscription program that gives you something no one else does. Three credentialed Health Coaches providing real human-to-human daily contact via your smart phone.

That is the power of Positive Coaching via your smart phone.

If you eat fast food, purchase fancy coffees, or maybe, buy just a bit too much processed food at the grocery store, the MyHealthStyle app could just save you money while helping you make your life healthier.

Because if you enjoy finding recipes, health news, and getting fitness tips like these helpful, imagine how much more you’d get out of having three Health Coaches helping you!

Why three? Because weight loss is a complicated issue requiring more than just counting calories or steps. So the MyHealthStyle app gives you a Lead Coach who contacts you every day on your main focus. And two Team Coaches who offer holistic support two to three times a week.

Imagine what you could accomplish with three MyHealthStyle Health Coaches cheering you on, supporting you. Every step of the way. Every day. Giving you guidance, reassurance, and education.

And always within reach of your phone.

Right now, the MyHealthStyle app is yours for the introductory price of $10 a week for your first four weeks and $23 a week after.

Get the Power of Positive Coaching. Sign up at today!





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