Oxytocin May Reduce Binge Eating.

Oxytocin May Reduce Binge Eating.

According to this study, the naturally occurring hormone, Oxytocin may help reduce hunger cravings that lead to binge eating.

For example, oxytocin enhances prosocial and related behaviors. On the other hand, increases in oxytocin tend to decrease appetite — especially the consumption of sweet carbohydrates.”

This makes sense when you consider Oxytocin’s role in the human body.  The hormone is an important component “of a complex neurochemical system that allows the body to adapt to highly emotive situations.” Oxytocin helps humans engage in very positive emotional and social behaviors such as trusting others, being able to relax, and it contributes to our psychological stability. (For more information on how Oxytocin functions, visit here.)


While Oxytocin is available as a drug for various needs, it is not the only available pharmaceutical being examined for binge eating.

Boston University School of Medicine published a study in Neuopsychopharmacology finding an Alzheimer’s drug that might also reduce the urge to binge eat.  Testing focused on a cellular protein called Sigma-1 and the drug reduced binge eating in 40% of the subjects.

Obviously between Sigma-1, Oxytocin, and the myriad of other contributing factors that lead to obesity, medical science has a long way to go. But knowing scientists are hard at work is reassuring.

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