Does Health Coaching Really Help?

Does Health Coaching Really Help?

Okay, of course we are going to say yes. This is a blog supporting the MyHealthStyle App which provides you with three credentialed in their fields Health Coaches.

So yes, health coaching, in our opinion, will help you.

But that is our opinion, big deal. So this blog post if backing up our position with some studies that show health coaching is a proven technique to help clients (aka you) get healthy.

Online intervention helps sustain weight loss

The NIHR Health Technology Assessment (HTA)-funded study, published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology journal, involved 818 people with a BMI over 30 who took part in 24 web-based sessions over six months. …… They found that while people in all groups lost weight, the two groups receiving the POWeR+ intervention lost more. The control group lost an average of 3kg during 12 months and 21 per cent of people were able to maintain a clinically important amount of weight loss by 12 months.

Study Shows Health Coaches Effective in Helping People Lose Weight, Live Healthier Lives

After 24 weeks, all three groups had lost a significant amount of weight, but those who worked with a professional health coach or a peer lost an average of more than 9 percent of their total body weight (compared to 6 percent of those who worked with a mentor), and at least half of were able to lose 10 percent or more of their body weight. This number is significant in that this amount of weight loss has been shown to reduce the risk of numerous obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. Just 17 percent of those who worked with a mentor were able to achieve a weight loss of 10 percent or more.

Patient Satisfaction and Perceived Success with a Telephonic Health Coaching Program

Of those who had completed 2 or more sessions (n = 232 [52%]), most reported being satisfied (70%) or neutral (20%) with the program, and 71% would recommend health coaching. Healthy weight, healthful eating, and physical activity were the most common topics discussed (88%). Adjusting for demographic characteristics, 73% of those who had 2 or more sessions reported that health coaching helped achieve their weight-related goal. Outcomes were positively correlated with patient activation but not consistently correlated with patient demographic characteristics.

Those are just three of many studies but here are the results from the MyHealthStyle pilot program:


  • 90% of people who wanted to join completed the two month pilot. This is a higher than expected completion rate.
  • Users are comfortable with communications from a coach via their phone.
  • Users accept the concept of “behavior modification”.
  • Coaches were able to work within their timeframes and users stated they would pay money for this service, making this a profitable venture.
  • Our target market of women ages 25-55, of above median income and some college is appropriate.


Educate yourself about Health Coaching and then maybe give MyHealthStyle app a try. One thing is certain, you won’t regret it.


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