Is It All In Your Head?

Is It All In Your Head?

Western-style diet linked to state-dependent memory inhibition

The above article talks about how some folks who are overweight may have an impaired hippocampus, the area of the brain that deals with memory.

The key finding is that memory performance and snack food ratings were linked. “Even though they were full, they still wanted to eat the sweet and fatty junk food,” explained Tuki Attuquayefio. “What was even more interesting was that this effect was strongly related to their performance on the learning and memory task, suggesting that there is a link between the two via the hippocampus.”

The study performed by researchers at Macquarie University have now shown that memory inhibition is linked to over-eating. Memory inhibition is actually the necessary ability to block out memories that are not useful, otherwise we would be overwhelmed.

The study was presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB), and supported by the Australian Research Council.

In agreement with the animal research, people with greater intake of a high fat, high sugar diet may do more poorly on the learning and memory tests because of how the diet impacts the hippocampus. The Macquarie University researchers believe inability to inhibit food memories when in a satiated physiological state could then explain the persistent desire for snacks. For otherwise healthy, lean, young people who routinely consume high-fat high-sugar diets, compromised hippocampal function may make it harder to regulate food intake and set them upon the road towards obesity.

It goes to show that losing weight is not only very difficult but required an entire change of lifestyle, a whole new HealthStyle if you will.

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