Healing is A Beautiful Thing

Healing is A Beautiful Thing

Hello, my name is Sue and I’m a holistic Health Coach with the MyHealthStyle app.

My story began in my early 20’s when I had so many digestive issues it was becoming hard to eat anything at all and felt awful most days.  No energy, bloated, tired, weight gain, blah!    I went to numerous doctors, testing, medicines, scans, etc.  They kept calling it “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”.  A name back then that was for anything they didn’t know what to call it.

This went on for many years and it wasn’t until I became a health coach that I finally found answers and went to the root of the problem.  I was lucky to be able to do this. Unfortunately, our docs are often so busy they just don’t have the time to listen and really work with us to find our real cause.  That is why Health Coaches, Dietitians, Nutritionists, and Functional Medicine Doctors are so helpful to really find out what is going on and what can we begin doing about it!  This, in addition, to consulting with your doctor makes a great team.

Our gut is almost always the reason we have some sort of problem whether it’s really big or really small.  We need our gut to be in good working order to provide the rest of our body and mind to function well.  Did you know that 80% of our immune system is in our gut?  Can you see the importance this plays every minute of every day?   It would be fun if we could see into ourselves and understand all of the functions of our body.  I know I was in every direction trying to find that “gut” solution as our complex food and crazy trends affect us all and – ” Boy is it ever confusing?”  One day that’s a good thing and the next day it’s a bad thing.  (Examples: Wheat craze, fat free craze, cabbage diet fad, etc.)

A fantastic solution to help you is by using the  www.myhealthstyleapp.com   You can find coaches to help you understand, listen and gain new perspectives about  your own body and what’s happening with it.  I hope you will find out the “why and how” with your own story.  Stress is such a part of our world today and we need to find that balance and happy place to heal our gut!  Take a deep breath and smile!


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