Ground-Breaking Weight Loss App, MyHealthStyle, Released Today

Ground-Breaking Weight Loss App, MyHealthStyle, Released Today


New holistic approach provides three credentialed Health Coaches per user.

Having won a place at the prestigious Groundwork Labs, Alex Reid, founder of MyHealthStyle Inc. is proud to announce that on July 15, 2016, the MyHealthStyle App is live at

Alex Reid developed MyHealthStyle from the book she co-authored with her son, Portion Size Me.  Based on changing your lifestyle, this book explored how her family approached food and eating and how they could change for the better to help her son lose weight. Their success and the huge success of the book lead to the development of MyHealthStyle.

The wildly successful beta test with a 90% retention rate and 100% willingness on the part of the testers to continue with the program on a payment basis, proves the MyHealthStyle app’s unique positive behavior change approach will be this year’s break out app.

As our Beta testers have said;

“Thank you. Please keep communicating. I need you”

“Its amazing how you seem to suggest things before I can ask them”

“You are helping me to find new things to incorporate into my diet”

“Your encouragement has helped my self image and I think my kids notice”

MyHealthStyle provides each client with three credentialed health coaches who work carefully to create an environment of education and support that enables clients to thrive. The MyHealthStyle app puts users directly in touch with their Health Coaches daily while providing the tools users need to manage their lives and goals successfully.

Most importantly, the MyHealthStyle App is not a tracking app, nor is it an app that simply pushes information from a database.  The MyHealthStyle Coach Team is as private as the doctor’s office but always as close as a smart phone.

A fully integrated, real life support like never before. For less than $15 a week, basically less than two drive-thru combo meals!

“Groundwork Labs has provided us the support and tools we needed to build a fantastic product. We are very proud of our accomplishments and look forward to helping many people become healthier and happier with the support of our outstanding MyHealthStyle Coaches.” – Alex Reid

More information about MyHealthStyle Inc and the MyHealthStyle App can be found at,, and

CONTACT: Alex Reid


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