Taking The First Breath

Taking The First Breath

Hi. My name is Terri and I would like to share with you what I have learned in 35 years of helping people want to come to the dentist, want to get fit by learning jazz dance, and helping at-risk youth want to spend hours working with 1200lb sweaty horses.

Society does not reward us for caring about ourselves.  You don’t get patted on the back for taking your next breath unless you are under the care of a respiratory  therapist.

And so we don’t stop. We don’t take care of ourselves because there is no perceived  reward. But did you know that just taking a giant breath and exhaling slowly over 8 seconds releases great brain chemistry that helps your body?  That is just one micro step in the right direction of self care.

Know yourself to take care of yourself

Now if I had a magic wand I would poof everyone who is reading this a questionnaire so they could determine which personality type they are. But I can’t. So I will just describe the five types of people I have dealt with the most.  If you recognize who you are, you will be better able to take that first breath towards taking better care of you.

Box Checkers:  You like short do-able plans. Not as interested in emotional support, as you are facts and an action list. Intellectual and to the point, you needs facts and feedback

Pleaser: You crave emotional support and thrive best with a workout partner connection. Need to know it is all okay but don’t really want cold hard facts.  Feedback and emotional support is very helpful to you.

Competitors: It is all about the challenge for you. Pushing yourself to perform and win. Setting goals and surpassing them is your primary motivation.

Reactors: You are spontaneous and driven but need focus. You need to feel heard and understood but be reminded of what is working or not working.

Reasoners: We all do it but Reasoners do it the most. You have a reason, an excuse for why you didn’t follow the diet, get to the gym, finish the run. It happens to us all. But when you are a reasoner, it happens all the time.

Now no one is purely any one of these personalties. We are all a mix. Sometimes we have good days, sometimes we have bad days. My point is think about how you approach taking care of yourself. Are you taking care of yourself? And if not, why not?  You deserve to.

Check out what I can and the other Health Coaches at www.myhealthstyleapp.com can do for you today. Take your first deep breath to a better you.


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