The Origins of My HealthStyle

The Origins of My HealthStyle

July 11, 2016

The beginning of MyHealthStyle started in a kitchen over half a decade ago when Alex Reid’s son Marshall screwed up his courage and asked him mom for help.

He was only 10 years old but being picked on at school for being overweight. And it was hurting him. We all know what that feels like.

As Marshall said, “ I was happy my mom listened, and we sat down together and talked about what we thought “healthy” meant to us. We decided on some things that we thought sounded reasonable to us, like cooking more and reading ingredients. We talked a lot about changing habits and making new ones—good ones for a lifetime. My mom asked me if there were people I wanted to be like. She asked me how I wanted to feel when I was a teenager and when I was an adult. It helped me to picture in my mind how to get to those feelings.”

Once Marshall, Alex, and his sister made decisions together as a family, they got to work. They decided to make a video series of Marshall creating delicious healthy meals that were correctly portioned as a way of both documenting his progress of change, sharing these lifestyle changes with his deployed father, and as a means of being accountable for their actions.

This video series which they named Portion Size Me eventually caught the attention of the internet and national media!

Soon Marshall and Alex were appearing on CNN, various TV shows, and were approached with a book deal. Their book Portion Size Me: A Kid-Driven Plan to a Healthier Family was co-written mother and son and promoted across the country in a 30-city tour to tremendous reviews.

“Not a diet plan, this book is instead part cookbook and part inspirational journal, coupled with food factoids, culinary information, and URLs for videos of Marshall… the Reids’ success story may encourage kids and families to make more healthful eating choices.”Library Journal

“Authors Alexandra Reid and her son, Marshall, demonstrate in their inspirational yet practical story, Portion Size Me: A Kid-Driven Plan to a Healthier Family, how you and your family can eat healthy and live a better lifestyle-together.”Celebrity Parents Magazine

“Let Marshall and his family teach your family about becoming healthier and growing closer together as a family. An awesome book!”Planet Weidknecht

Marshall had reached his goals. But Alex wanted to do more. The success of Portion Size Me had opened Alex’s awareness to the scope of America’s obesity epidemic. She wanted to do more.  So she researched the issues, educated herself extensively, even got health coach credentials from the American Council on Exercise.

The more Alex looked around, the more she realized that getting healthy is hard. It’s not just about counting calories or running at the gym. It is a complex and emotional state of being – body, mind, and soul.

Most importantly, you can’t just do it alone.  What worked for Marshall was he had a team (his family) and accountability (the videos). But how to give that to others?

Alex saw there were other apps on the market but they were just algorithms that ran cookie cutter programs with work sheets and games and push notifications but no real human contact. The research showed they regularly failed.

The missing link was human contact. Eureka, MyHealthStyle was born.

But not just one-on-one human contact (although that’s not bad). MyHealthStyle takes a completely unique and holistic team approach to getting healthy by providing three coaches to help you with your goals. A Lead Coach who supports you daily with your main health goal and two Team Coaches who contact you a couple times a week on different but related health goals.

All working together to help you create your best HealthStyle.

You can learn more about the MyHealthStyle app at  and how it can help you for as little as $15 a week (that’s less than two fast food combo meals).

Start on your path to a better you today.


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