Health & Wellness Tip for A Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit.

Health & Wellness Tip for A Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit.

My name is Trecy C. Marr, I am a Christian Holistic Health Coach and I work with My HealthStyle.

Today’s Tip: No matter what your faith is, your body should be treated as a temple. What you put in it is as important and why you put it in there. You should be aware of your emotions when you eat. Are you truly hungry? Or are you sad, happy, depressed, stressed, elated?

There is so much more to being healthy than just eating the foods that provide proper nourishment to our bodies. You also need to feed your soul in order to be healthy. Be constantly aware of your relationships, home environment, career, finances, spirituality, physical activity and more. What is good and what isn’t? What can you do to make improvements? This is the first step for you to find a healthy balance for your Mind, Body and Spirit.

You can find more tips and inspiration like this and more at My HealthStyle, Inc. This new, encouraging app puts the power of personal Health Coaching in the palm of your hand. Everyone who joins will receive three, live, licensed, certified professionals dedicated to mentoring you as you journey to your individual health goal. We will inspire you via holistic and positive behavior change, motivation, caring, and honest support. Best of all, you get all the benefits of a private office experience with none of the hassle of public waiting rooms or meetings. It is this human-to-human contact, every day, with licensed, certified Health Coaches that makes all the difference in reaching and maintaining your goals.


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